Richard as many artists have in the past and present, enjoys painting landscapes. Richard’s landscape paintings are painted with in the same dynamic, expressive and impressionistic style as his other subjects. His landscapes are vibrant and express a moment in time, a feeling of place. Richard paints landscapes in a variety of sizes and has painted some very large landscapes which include three paintings in the Grand Hyatt’s collection in Denver, CO.

“I don’t want to paint photographically. I want my paintings to look like a painting. I want to see brush strokes, I want abstraction, I want some imperfections. To me nature is spontaneous, light is changing, wind is blowing, there is nothing static about nature. I want my paintings to portray this constant energy. I don’t want to simply represent a place. I want to create the feeling of that place at that time. I would love it if the viewer could view one of my landscapes and receive the same energy that the place gave me.”

Richard paints a variety of landscapes. His love for Colorado and the Western US has given him much inspiration; from which he paints mountains, forests, fields, flowers, rivers, and snow. Richard lived at the beach for several years where he was fascinated by the ocean and the beauty it conveyed.

“I like most artists get very stimulated by my environment. I spend many hours a day observing nature and light and colors etc. I love Colorado and the mountains. I love painting aspen trees and snow because I love my time in the aspen trees and skiing in the snow covered trees.”

“Living by the sea I just loved watching the ocean, it is always changing from second to second. I began painting seascapes or should I say seascapes. I love the color, the energy, the shapes….you have so much freedom painting the ocean….you can really convey a feeling in a very painterly abstract way.”

Richard’s landscape paintings are in the book Landscapes of Colorado: Mountains and Plains” by Ann Scarlet Daley.

Currently, Richard is living in Western Michigan and is beginning his experimentation with the landscapes he finds there.