Richard loves to paint many other subjects some that are beyond categorization.  He is known to experiment with abstracts.  He loves to paint animals and his roosters have become highly collectable and sought after.  He has an ability to capture the personality of the animal and is known for his portraits of pets including dogs and cats.

“I love to paint animals; I get some much energy from them, usually positive.  I try to capture the soul/personality of the animal especially when painting a pet portrait.  When I am commissioned to paint a pet portrait I know that my painting will out live the pet.  It is my hope that I capture the animals soul and energy so the painting will remind the owner of their beloved pet.

Other animals like roosters I choose not only because of the personality but also their outer beauty, the shapes and colors.  I only found out recently that having an image of a rooster in your home is good luck.  Maybe that is why I’ve been so fortunate as I always have rooster painting around the studio.  If my collectors only knew how I’ve chased roosters around trying to get the right picture so I could paint them.”